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Salida gets a sighting

Brief by Central Staff

UFOs – October 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Tim Edwards, a 42-year-old Salidan, was outdoors working on some house gutters on the morning of Aug. 27 when his six-year-old daughter asked “Daddy, what’s that up in the sky?”

Edwards looked up, saw a bright object flitting around the sky, and decided he didn’t have an answer for her.

He called the National UFO Observatory in Seattle, which had reports from all over the United States of something strange in the sky.

Edwards then got out his video camera, and the resulting tape was on Denver TV news. What we saw there was a slice of light zipping about; those who have looked closely say that red and pale green lights appear to revolve around the object.

Also observing the phenomenon here, besides Edwards and his daughter, were another daughter and Edwards’s father.

Edwards described the UFO as a slice of light about the width of a full moon, and estimated its altitude at 60,000 feet because jets, which fly at about 30,000 feet, appeared to be well below it.

If it was that high, it would have to be pretty big, and it might have been higher. “It could have been 20 or 30 or 100 miles up for all we know,” he said.

Edwards may get back to work one of these days without being pestered by reporters, and the videotape is going to various experts for analysis and computer image enhancement.