Review of Sangre book was disappointing

Letter from David A. Lillie

Book review – September 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

Review of Sangre book was disappointing


I was very disappointed in your review of Christina Nealson’s book, Living on the Spine. If I had written a review like this and submitted it to you, I doubt that you would have printed it, as I don’t think it measures up to your normally high editorial standards.

I don’t understand what the urgency was in getting it to press. If you were trying to do Christina a favor by getting it in before her press tour, I doubt that she appreciated it, as its negative, confused tone is a poor send-off.

I hope you will get a more considerate review by someone whose philosophy does not reject the book by reading the covers. I think most people who live or have lived in the Sangre de Cristo area will enjoy the book and learn a lot, as I did.

David A. Lillie

Blue Mounds, Wisconsin

(lived in Salida 198385)