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Railroad Books

Sidebar by Jim Stitzel

Transportation – December 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine


Alamosa/Salida and the Valley Line. Richard L. Dorman; R.D. Publications, 1991

Marshall Pass: Gateway to the Gunnison Country. Walter R. Borneman. Century One Press, 1980

Tracking Ghost Railroads In Colorado. Robert Ormes. Century One Press, 1975. This is a classic for locating the remnants of Colorado’s vanished railroads.

Sundance Publishing published a series of excellent anthologies about Colorado railroad history:

Trails Among the Columbine. Sundance, 1989. Covers the Gunnison & Black Canyon region.

Trails Among the Columbine. Sundance, 1990. Covers Marshall Pass.

Trails Among the Columbine. Sundance, 1991-92. Covers Salida, with lots of old views of the town as well as the yards. Many consider this THE best single reference for Salida railroad history.

Trails Among the Columbine. Sundance, 1993-94. Covers the Monarch branch and the rotary barrel transfer at Salida.

Other books about the D&RGW narrow gauge in Central Colorado. These may be harder to find (though the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden carries many obscure volumes):

Alamosa. Leland Feitz. Little London Press, 1976. 0-9365-64-21-0

Colorado Rail Annual Number 8: Scenic Line of the World, a history of the D&RGW. Colorado Railroad Museum, 1970.

Grande Gold. Andy Payne. Railhead Publications, 1989. Photos along the narrow gauge 1954-71, including photos of Marshall in this era.

Locomotive Quarterly Vol.VIII #1: Salida: Dual-Gauge RG Division Point. Richard Kindig, 1984.

Off the Beaten Path Back Country By Automobile. Dick Dixon. Little London Press. 1986. Scenic side trips from Salida, including the old railroad grades.

Requiem For The Narrow Gauge. Ross Grenard. Railhead Publications, 1985. Also includes photos of Marshall in this era.

Rio Grande Glory Days. Gilbert A. Lathrop. Golden West Books, 1976 First-hand account of train service in the 1900s-1930s period.

Rio Grande Narrow Gauge in the Summer of 1941. John W. Maxwell & Charles S. Small. Railhead Publications, 1986.

Rocky Mountain Railroads of Colorado. William Thayer, 1882. reprinted by Outbooks, 1977. Early descriptions of the Royal Gorge, Toltec Gorge, Animas Canyon, and Marshall Pass.