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Perhaps coming to a theater near you

Brief by Central Staff

Colorado Central – February 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

Colorado Central could be going to Hollywood. No, there’s no script based on the struggles of a small regional monthly magazine, nor is there a film in development that is based on anything we’ve published.

If the deal goes through, the magazine will be a prop in a road-buddy film. The plot has two young men driving across America from sea to shining sea. The financing means that every scene will be shot within 30 miles of Los Angeles.

Thus the need for portable props which will indicate a place — and since we try to be a magazine about place, we feel sort of flattered that we were asked.

Of course, it might develop that some backwoods axe-murderer will be shown reading the magazine just before he commits a gruesome decapitation — but we figure there’s no such thing as bad publicity.