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Pack-Burro Racing season started in New Mexico

Article by Central Staff

Pack-Burro Racing – June 1999 – Colorado Central MagazineBurro racing resumes

Curtis Imrie of Buena Vista, the Cal Ripken of pack-burro racers, finally missed a race after competing in them all for 25 years.

The April 17 race — 14 miles at Winston, N.M. — was the first one of the season for the Western Pack Burro Association. Nancy Dolan and Sailor won the women’s division in 2:03, while Hal Walter (who writes for Colorado Central) and Spike (who doesn’t) took the men’s side in 1:47.

Two races held last year — Westcliffe and Central City — will not be run this year, but there is a new one this year, in Cripple Creek.

The race schedule:

June 12, Platoro, 15 miles

June 27, Cripple Creek, 6 miles

July 25, Fairplay world championship, 29 mile

August 8, Leadville international championship, 22 miles

August 14, Buena Vista, 15 miles

August 21, Frisco, 12 miles.

The 30-odd pack-burro racers are also raising money for a plaque to go with what may be the world’s only monument to a burro — the Prunes memorial on Front Street in Fairplay.

If you want to donate, or otherwise enlighten yourself about Central Colorado’s only indigenous sport, you can reach the association c/o Lori TenEyck, 1871 W Dry Creek Road, Littleton CO 80120, or on the web at http://www.ris/~outthere/burros.html .