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Orders to kill, not keep

Letter from Chris Dickey

Water – December 2004 – Colorado Central Magazine


Just browsing through the November magazine that came in the mail today and found a small error. In your “observations” section on page 9 you take a quote from my little rag over on this side of the hill — the Gunnison Country Times — which made me go back and dig through the files.

You’ve quoted John McCloy, the attorney for our Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District, as saying “our instructions were to go for the jugular, to keep this proposal once and for all.”

He was referring to the Union Park Project, which you correctly characterized as having virtually unanimous opposition in these parts.

Now, I’m as cynical as the next guy about lawyers, but I thought for sure Mr. McCloy said his instructions were to “kill” the proposal once and for all — no matter how many more thousands of dollars a continued legal battle may empty from the taxpayer’s war chest into his personal egg nest.


Chris Dickey