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Now duly noted

Letter from Jim Little

Orthography – August 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Ed:

This [July 4] is a working holiday, but I took a moment over an editor’s lunch of whiskey and cigars to peruse your July edition. (So far, I’ve made it only to page 4.)

For the sake of political correctness, please note that the 2000 Custer County Visitor’s Guide you referenced as having misspelled the word “marshal” is a publication produced by the Custer County Chamber of Commerce and which ran as a supplement in the Wet Mountain Tribune. It is not to be confused with the Tribune’s annual “Summer in the Valley” visitors’ guide, which I am sure has errors equally as glaring.

Nonetheless, we don’t want the town marshal, nor General Marshall for that matter, accusing us for the deeds or misdeeds proffered by our fine chamber of commerce.

Jim Little, Publisher Wet Mountain Tribune, Westcliffe