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Not exactly welcomed at Ski Cooper

Letter from Roger Williams

Public land – June 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine


I have a few comments about this little ski area off Tennessee Pass. I haven’t skied Cooper; but driving over the pass one summer, I turned off and drove up the hill for a look at it. There was a boom gate but half of it was open so I carried on. I drove round the base area and had a look at it, including the service shed with a Snow-Cat, Ski-Dozer or two; I’m a fan of crawler tractors.

Nobody was around; but at this point a young man in a jeep or the like caught up with me. I thought I’d get a friendly “Hi, this is…” or the like. Instead I got some rubbish about “you can’t be in here…”. I left this turkey droning on about his silly rules, drove off and shall not return to this friendly ski resort (or any that tell you to take your pack off as you’re about to get on the lift; Eldora & Silver Creek, now Sol Vista, were guilty of this).

By the way isn’t this public land? I also wonder how people hiking the Continental Divide Trail get around this welcoming ski area.

Roger Williams