New roadside markers seek adoptive parents

Brief by Central Staff

Highways – June 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

We’re all familiar with the adopt-a-highway program, wherein a civic group agrees to pick up trash along the road.

Now the Colorado Historical Society and the Colorado Department of Transportation are looking for some volunteers to adopt a new generation of roadside historical markers.

The adopters will be called “maintenance partners,” and such partners are needed for three markers planned for Central Colorado:

1) Gunnison Visitor Center, 1995.

2) Poncha Springs Visitor Center, 1997.

3) Villa Grove pulloff at Bonanza road, 1997.

Maintenance partners have no financial responsibilities; they’re supposed to monitor the roadside exhibits and replace faded or damaged panels — the parts and supplies will come from the Historical Society.

If your organization wants to help (they’re also looking for suggestions from history buffs, museums, etc., concerning contents of the markers — we’re going to suggest Anza’s 1779 visit for Poncha), contact David Halaas, chief historian, 303-866-4690, or Dianna Litvak, deputy historian, 303-866-2038; the mailing address for either is Colorado Historical Society, 1300 Broadway, Denver CO 80203-2137.