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Mother Nature can attack in many ways

Letter from Stephen C. Glover

Geologic Hazards – July 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine


Thanks so much for sending me an issue of your Colorado Central Magazine. I enjoyed it thoroughly!

I was particularly interested in the article by Paul Martz on “Construction in the Stupid Zone.” I may be going to do just that, on a site up Chalk Creek.

What I try to keep in mind is that almost any place has its natural dangers. I lived as a child in Los Angeles, an earthquake disaster just waiting to occur. The ocean had some nasty sharks, too. Oceanfront property regularly slid into the sea, and those homes on hills burned with some regularity. Here on the Great Plains, the threat of tornadoes is a very real one.

People in Seattle and environs live with a Mount St. Helens scenario in the background. And those are just the natural threats. Compared to the damage attorneys and governments can do to a person, who can really worry?

In any case, I will pay close attention to Mr. Martz’s second installment.

Stephen C. Glover

Hays, Kansas