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More progress than they want at Turquoise Lake

Brief by Central Staff

Development – January 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

Some Leadville residents are more than annoyed at the U.S. Forest Service for a proposed “Public-Private Venture” to expand facilities at Turquoise Lake.

The Forest Service says it doesn’t have enough money to manage the popular campground, so it wants to bring in a private party.

Private-contractor management has already happened at most other area campgrounds, without notable complaint from the public, but the Turquoise proposal takes it a few steps further.

Besides the campground, the private operator could build and operate camper cabins and a 40-room lodge that could handle 100-person conventions and conferences.

All sorts of questions have popped up: Why build a convention facility when the National Mining Museum and Hall of Fame already has one? If Lake County needs more development, why not do it in town? Is it fair to existing lodge and campground owners to build government-subsidized competition? What are the environmental effects of this construction, especially the water and sewer service?

Public opposition has already derailed plans for similar “improvements” at Twin Lakes, and we’ll have more in some future edition about the Turquoise Lake proposal.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in opposing the proposed changes, get in touch with Carolyn Abbott at 719-486-3500, fax 486-3535.