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To the Editor:

This morning as usual I picked up the two newspapers on my doorstep. I opened one of them with a sense of dread—knowing that it was the final edition of the Rocky Mountain News. I don’t know what year I began reading the News, but it was in the early 40s. I know this because I gauge past time, not so much by calendar years, but by the name of the street I was living on when something happened. I remember the house and I remember reading the News when I was a youngster there, some sixty years ago. I don’t miss the house, but I’ll certainly miss the News.

Also today, I found the new Colorado Central in my mailbox. That’s the good news for the day. Years from now, I’ll remember today’s walk from the mail kiosk to my house, my hands itching to open the new CC. I found a beautiful cover for starters, and inside a good mix of the old and the new. Thanks to the Quillens for the first 180 editions, and best wishes to you for the next 180.


Francisco A. Ríos, Denver