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Maybe they crave low-cal munchies

Brief by Central Staff

Colorado habits – March 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

Newsweek recently devoted most of an edition to “Fighting Addiction,” wherein it was noted that 11 million Americans smoke marijuana at least once a month, and that “Colorado leads the pack.”

We’re not real sure how they determined that Coloradans smoke more pot than the residents of any other state. Presumably it resulted from a survey, even though we have trouble imagining people who’d discuss this topic with a stranger.

There’s nothing about Colorado marijuana usage on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s website. We did learn there that Denver has a high percentage of men who test positive for cannabis when arrested, but at least one other city, Oklahoma City, is ahead of Denver.

And then there’s something we read a couple of years ago: Colorado has the second-thinnest population in the country — only Hawaiians are skinnier. Yet marijuana stimulates the appetite.

Go figure.