Making it work

Brief by Marcia Darnell

Action 22 – March 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

Action 22 could soar like an eagle or it could die like a dog, depending on how it handles its immediate roadblocks. The likely dangers include:

Apathy. If Action 22 doesn’t recruit enough members, it won’t have political clout. And it’s more than sheer numbers — the group needs a good diversity of members. Political entities, non-profits, businesses, clubs and dedicated individuals will ensure that Action 22 doesn’t become another PAC.

Infighting. If the bigger members (for instance, Colorado Springs) lord it over smaller ones (i.e., Citizens for San Luis Valley Water) it’ll be a microcosm of the 1-25 corridor trouncing the Western Slope. Obviously, there will be single-issue groups and people joining, but let’s be cooperative, shall we?

Lack of press. Action 22 won’t grow or be effective without adequate coverage. The Denver Post covered the conference, but hasn’t mentioned Action 22 since. The two major newspapers in the San Luis Valley, the Valley Courier and the Monte Vista Journal, haven’t mentioned it at all.

If the members of Action 22 can keep it going (and growing) in the next year, it should make a big difference in the quality of our lives. If not, hey, we’re used to eating dirt.