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Magic Here and Now

Brief by Central Staff

Real Estate – December 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

Magic here and now…

On the other hand, maybe we won’t need to wait a full thirty years for Vail to arrive, judging by the July 18 edition of The Vail Trail’s Real Estate Section, which contained a full-page advertisement, part of which is reproduced here.

Below the picture, the ad describes the parcel this way:

Located within an hour of Vail rests a truly amazing Colorado ranch. An in-holding 122.2 acre parcel completely surrounded by the San Isabel National Forest offers the most spectacular views imaginable, overlooking Twin Lakes with the Collegiate Mountain Range as a backdrop. Discover the magic of owning a truly magnificent piece of Colorado.

Note how you can “discover the magic of owning a magnificent piece of Colorado,” just up the river from Game Trail’s “magical mountain setting?”

This is typical real-estate prose, with such flummery as “completely surrounded,” (as if surrounded doesn’t already mean encircled, encompassed or enveloped, with or without the “completely”).

But note how you can overlook “Twin Lakes with the Collegiate Mountain Range as a backdrop?”

Now that really does call for some sorcery, since the Collegiate Peaks (not range) aren’t visible from Twin Lakes, unless, of course, occult forces are actually at work here.

With apologies to John Nichols, when will we see Magic Journey Estates?