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Lost in space

Brief by Central Staff

UFOs – December 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Lost In Space

On Nov. 12, Fox TV’s Sightings featured UFO activity in both Salida and the San Luis Valley — although UFO researchers never seemed to note the difference.

“There’s an awful lot of strange things that occur in the mysterious valley of Colorado, and this is wracking up to be one of them,” one investigator contended about a sighting at the Edwards ranch near Salida.

“The San Luis Valley of Colorado is 5,000 square miles of fertile Colorado pastureland, the largest, cleanest alpine meadow in the world. It’s also a UFO hot spot,” the narrator continued.

As inhabitants, we found it a bit irritating that Salida got moved into the valley, but the video-taped footage taken by Tim Edwards of Salida — of a bright, white, pulsing, cylindrical object in the sky — was impressive.

And the valley, as always, was resplendent with gorgeous scenery and phenomenal happenings.

Included in the program were numerous accounts of sightings made on Jan. 12, 1994, which were accompanied by a NORAD report of a burst of spontaneous heat on Greenie Mountain near Monte Vista.

Sightings also had an interesting take on all of this paranormal activity. Exhibiting copies of a modern Mountain Mail and an old Salida Record that both reported UFO sightings, the show concluded, “The local paper records sightings today just as it did more than 80 years ago. Back then, eyewitnesses asked one simple question, and it’s the same question people are still asking today, “What is it?”

We guess that means that even if they are out there, the aliens won’t necessarily be landing anytime soon — and that satisfactory explanations of what, who, and why may not be readily forthcoming, either.

The confusion about Salida’s location isn’t confined to TV networks. We checked a forum on the Internet and found reams of discussion about the Salida sighting.

Most of it was pretty tedious, with lots of theories about how the military was probably behind it, and they always cover things up, but somebody’s friend’s brother-in-law’s neighbor has an inside line on the truth, which is too shocking for public consumption and so they can’t really tell you about it.

One correspondent wondered why more people didn’t see it, since “there must be thousands of ranchers around there who look at the sky all the time because they’re concerned with the weather.”

Well, anywhere that there are thousands of people, you don’t have ranchers. Cattle-ranching is one of those activities that requires a reasonably unpopulated territory. At least one mystery is solved, anyway.