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Larger legislative maps

Letter from Bill Eichelberger

Redistricting – November 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

Hi Ed & Martha:

As usual, a great issue of Colorado Central (October). I was interested in the maps on page 8, showing the old and new legislative districts for Colorado. I have been trying to find good maps like that for a group I volunteer for. Can you tell me where I can get copies, hopefully larger and more readable?

I share most of the sentiments expressed by Stephen Lyons on page 2, about the ever-fancier publications by non-profit groups and the carbon released into the air by the average American car. We are doing our bit to help the latter by driving two Toyota Priuses, the very low pollution, high gas mileage hybrid.

Keep up the good work.

Bill Eichelberger

in Denver

Editor’s Note: The maps he wanted are available on the internet. The URL is quite long, so we suggest either a Google search with “Colorado legislature redistricting maps,” or just email us ( and we’ll send it.