Just a little paranoia

Letter by Charlie Green

Progress – March 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

Just a little paranoia


This is the Copper Gulch Curmudgeon again. And I’m still grousing about Fremont County paving the Copper Gulch Road.

Last year they paved six or seven miles of it. Mind you, this was just a few years after it washed out and the county said they weren’t even going to reopen it. Now the townies are moving in all over our neighborhood. The homeowners association is even talking about plowing the snow on our streets. Might as well live in Cañon City. Next will come streetlights … temporarily.

This year the County’s gonna do some more paving: Copper Gulch Road up to Road Gulch Road and then west down Road Gulch about a mile. Another five or so miles. My wondering mind asks, why? There aren’t that many voters up here and only a few with money (right now). Is there another motive for all this? Maybe.

If they pave about five more miles (in ’00), there will be a ribbon of asphalt from Colorado 69 to US 50. Plus a mile or two more on the Cotopaxi cutoff (Fremont 1A) and there will be a narrow, winding detour for US 50 from Cotopaxi to Parkdale. Which’ll be finished just in time for Cristo’s “It’s Curtains for the Arkansas” project construction.

Nah. Nobody would turn all that traffic through our valley. Even for a world-renowned “artist.” Not even the State of Colorado. They always respect country living. I must just have a case of whY2Kare paranoia.

Charlie Green Texas Creek