Joy and Heartbreak

Letter from Elizabeth Dickson

Barnhard Attachments – March 2008 – Colorado Central Magazine


Regarding “Barnyard Attachments” in the January edition:

Remembering my sweet and sour time with my beautiful little pet goat, I was able to relate to the joy and the heartbreak that goes with attaching oneself to a pet. In the Canary Islands where we lived for a few years, we had a little bit of land where we resided, so I brought in some animal friends.

Our little goat, Bonita, also ate too much for her own good one day, so I agonized with her for a few days, holding her in my arms until she died. I still cry because I couldn’t do anything to save her. I didn’t hear about a vaccine to save her, but after she died, someone told me I could have stabbed her in the stomach to relieve the pressure in there. Would I have been able to do that if I knew it would help her live?

I do not know, but I can relate to Patty’s pain, because it is terrible to see a beloved, innocent, pet die.

Elizabeth Dickson