Jackson Hole seeks slogan

Brief by Allen Best

Marketing – January 2008 – Colorado Central Magazine

Jackson Hole seeks slogan

Those crossing Teton Pass from the west to arrive at the famous ski resort are greeted with a sign that says: “Howdy stranger, yonder is Jackson Hole, the last of the Old West.”

That slogan is perhaps outdated. After all, this is a place from which people commute to Manhattan, are armored in Lycra and Gore-Tex, and can claim one of the highest per capita incomes in the United States.

The Jackson Hole News & Guide is sponsoring a contest to see what people might say that might be more appropriate. To get the ball rolling it offers several ideas of its own: “Our chai complements your chi.”

Or perhaps, “Jackson Hole, where California plays and Mexico works.”

A local pundit in 1999 suggested yet another: “Welcome to Jackson Hole, where men remain boys and women work three jobs.”