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Individual Contributions to Rep. Scott McInnis

Article by Central Staff

Politics – March 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

— Matthew 6:21

That biblical quotation is one consideration. Another: Why bother with all these laws about reporting campaign contributions if nobody pays any attention to the reports?

With those matters in mind, we ventured to a World Wide Web site ( which keeps track of campaign contributions, and checked those for the 1998 election for the congressional seat for our part of the world: Colorado’s Third District — basically, everything west of the Front Range, plus Pueblo County.

There were three candidates: Libertarian Barry Maggert, Democrat Robert Reed Kelley of Meeker, and incumbent Republican Scott McInnis of Grand Junction, who easily won re-election.

Maggert reported $5,948 in total contributions. All were from individuals and were $200 or less, and thus do not have to be reported individually.

Kelley received $7,742 in total contributions, and like Maggert, all his were $200 or less and came from individuals, so no further details had to be reported.

For the 1998 campaign, McInnis received $149,017 from PAC Political Action Committees (PACs) and $209,975 from individuals in amounts greater than $200. We published his 1996 election-cycle PAC collections in February of 1998, and they look much the same this time around, so we’ll spare you that PAC fine print in 1999, and examine the individual contributions.

Nearly 62% came from Colorado, followed by Illinois with 10.5%, New Jersey with 6%, and Texas with 4.7%. So the bulk of his individual campaign contributions came from Colorado, which was a relief until we looked at where in Colorado they came from.

As it turns out, the Denver-Boulder metro area contributes far more to our congressman’s campaign than his own congressional district does.

Of the $129,275 contributed by Colorado residents, $72,175 (55.8%) came from the metro area, and only $55,100 (42.6%) from the Third Congressional District.

In other words, if campaign contributions influence an officeholder, then the metro area has acquired another congressman to join its representatives from the First, Second, and Sixth districts.

And now, for the contributors, with the warning that it is a violation of federal law to use this list for soliciting other campaign contributions — just in case you were tempted.

Also note that individuals can contribute a maximum of $1,000 to a candidate, but can do that twice — once for a primary and once for the general election.

McInnis faced no primary opponent, but received the bulk of his individual contributions, $135,775, for the primary cycle. In the list that follows, we combined primary and general contributions, which explains why you’ll see $2,000 contributions even though there’s a $1,000 limit.

Richard Aamodt, Durango CO, Lobestar Research Corp., $500

Robert Adams, Aurora CO, Adams McClure Inc, $300

Todger Anderson, Englewood CO, Investment Advisor, $500

Nancy Anschutz, Denver CO, Homemaker, $2,000

Philip Anschutz, Denver CO, Anschutz Corporation, $2,000

Christine Arbogast, Englewood CO, Kogovsek & Associates, $500

Michael Azeez, Pleasantville NJ, Durango Cellular Company, $2,000

James Basey, Denver CO, Colorado National Bank, $1,000

Charles Bellock, Boulder CO, Bellock Construction, $1,000

William Berger, Denver CO, Investor, $1,000

Dennis Berman, Irving TX, Denitech, $2,000

Jack Berry, Grand Junction CO, Retired, $500

Judy Black, Alexandria VA, Ticketmaster, $250

Lisa Booth, Lynchburg VA, Homemaker, $1,000

Wayne Booth, Lynchburg VA, Bat Masonary Inc, $2,000

Bjorn Borgen, Denver CO, Founders Asset Management, $250

Carole Brown, Glenwood Springs CO, Homemaker, $500

Bob Burch, Denver CO, Retired, $1,000

Gerald Burk, Glenwood Springs CO, Steel Constructor, $1,000

Edward Callaway, Englewood CO, Crested Butte Mountain Resort, $1,000

Mary Candon, Washington DC, Brady & Berliner, $500

Fred Chaney, Aspen CO, Vedax Sciences Corp., $1,000

Robin Chotin, Englewood CO, Homemaker, $2,000

Steven Chotin, Englewood CO, The Chotin Group Corp, $2,000

Genevieve Clough, Rifle CO, Retired, $250

William Clough, Rifle CO, Retired, $250

Geraldine Cohen, Denver CO, Investor, $2,000

John Conaway, Alexandria VA, Consultant, $500

Tom Connolly, Boulder CO, Connolly Halloran & Los, $250

Karyn Contino, Breckenridge CO, Executive Resorts, $2,000

Leo Cook, Newport Coast CA, Pelican Coast Investments, $1,000

Donald Crane, Steamboat Springs CO, Grace Washington Inc, $450

Andrew Daly, Vail CO, Vail & Associates, $2,000

Bill Daniels, Denver CO, Daniels & Associates, $1,000

Frank Defilippo, Denver CO, Bledsoe Defilippo & Ree, $500

Robert Delaney, Glenwood Springs CO, Mid Continent Minerals, $250

Randolph Delay, Richmond TX, Attorney, $500

Steven Demby, Denver CO, Brownstein Hyatt Farber, $2,000

Richard Dierking, West Chicago IL, Retired, $2,000

Susan Dierking, West Chicago IL, Dupage National Bank, $2,000

Cortlandt Dietler, Denver CO, Associated Natural Gas, $2,000

Martha Dietler, Denver CO, Homemaker, $2,000

Carol Dodo, New Castle CO, Rancher, $250

Harold Elam, Grand Junction CO, Elam Construction, $2,000

Diann Faris, Walsenburg CO, No occupation given, $2,000

Ginger Fausel, Silverthorne CO, Homemaker, $2,000

Stephen Fausel, Silverthorne CO, Lamont, $2,000

Robert Ferguson, Lake Forest CA, Oil And Gas Exploration, $250

Michael Ferrebee, Manville NJ, Stuart Steel, $2,000

Sandra Ferrebee, Manville NJ, Here’s The Scoop, $2,000

Monna Fisher, Grand Junction CO, Homemaker, $500

Robert Ford, Vail CO, Denton Kelton & Kendall, $200

Charles Frederickson, Englewood CO, Vicorp Restaurant Inc, $1,000

John Freyer, Denver CO, Land Title Guarantee Comp, $2,000

Virginia Freyer, Denver CO, Homemaker, $2,000

John Fuller, Denver CO, Fuller & Company, $500

Tom Garrett, Steamboat Springs CO, La Montana Restaurant, $200

George Gillett, Vail CO, Gillett Group, $2,000

Albert Glickman, Aspen CO, Albert B Glickman & Asso, $2,000

Nancy Gooding, Englewood CO, Homemaker, $2,000

Richard Gooding, Englewood CO, Paragon Ranch, $2,000

Julie Goon, Arlington VA, American Assoc Of Health, $500

Mark Gould, Glenwood Springs CO, Gould Construction, $500

Louise Green, Hattiesburg MS, Homemaker, $2,000

Pat Green, Hattiesburg MS, Green Oil Company, $1,000

John Haines, Glenwood Springs CO, Haines Motor Company, $1,000

Larry Hall, Evergreen CO, KN Energy, $1,000

John Hardesty, Laughlin NV, Investor, $2,000

Edward Harshfield, Pasadena CA, Harshfield & Co, $2,000

Martin Hart, Denver CO, Investor, $1,000

Cannon Harvey, Denver CO, Anschutz Corporation, $1,000

Hugh Hatcher, Denver CO, No occupation given, $200

Claudia Hawthorne, Irving TX, Investor, $2,000

Erich Henkel, Battle Creek MI, Henkel Motors, $1,000

Randall Hertel, Cherry Hills Villa CO, No occupation given, $1,000

Walter Imhoff, Denver CO, Hanifen & Imhoff Inc, $500

Anne Jolley, Glenwood Springs CO, Homemaker, $500

George Keely, Littleton CO, Retired, $1,000

Tom Kennedy, Wheat Ridge CO, Austin Mortgage, $400

Douglas King, Grand Junction CO, King Enterprises, $2,000

Robert Knollenberg, Boulder CO, Physician, $2,000

Ray Kogovsek, Pueblo CO, Kogovsek & Associates, $2,000

Fred Kroeger, Durango CO, Retired, $500

Kenton Kuhn, Denver CO, Capital Connection, $200

James Leprino, Denver CO, Leprino Foods, $500

Charles Lewis, Kremmling CO, Winter Park Ski Resort, $250

Tyrone Lockhart, Steamboat Springs CO, Investor, $1,000

Jack MacAllister, Englewood CO, Retired, $500

Marlene Malek, Mc Lean VA, Homemaker, $1,000

Christopher Mauro, Mount Laurel NJ, Student, $2,000

Kathryn Mauro, Mount Laurel NJ, Smith Kline And Beecham, $2,000

Richard Mauro, Mount Laurel NJ, First Union Bank, $2,000

Frederick Mayer, Englewood CO, Captiva Corporation, $2,000

Jan Mayer, Englewood CO, Homemaker, $2,000

Frank Maynes, Durango CO, Attorney, $1,000

Catherine McAdams, Philadelphia PA, Retired, $2,000

Henry McAdams, Philadelphia PA, Retired, $2,000

Susan McAdams, Jefferson City MO, Watlow Columbia, $2,000

Terrence McAdams, Jefferson City MO, State of Missouri, $2,000

Richard McCormick, Denver CO, US West Communications, $900

Christine McDermott, Grand Junction CO, The Clutter Cutter, $2,000

Thomas McKinley, Glenwood Springs CO, Partech International, $1,000

James McManus, Westport CT, Marketing Corp of Americ, $500

Chad Miller, Lakewood CO, At&t, $2,000

Kimberly Miller, Lakewood CO, Lakewood Meridian, $2,000

Lynn Miller, Colorado Springs CO, Royal Crest Dairy, $2,000

Stephan Minikes, Washington DC, Reed and Priest, $500

Paul Moltz, Buena Vista CO, ASI-RCC, $1,000

Frank Mooney, Englewood CO, Thompson Creek Metals, $2,000

Gayle Mooney, Englewood CO, Thompson Creek Metals, $2,000

Richard Nagel, Bartlett IL, Retired, $2,000

John Nelson, Denver CO, Norwest Bank, $500

Lizabeth Newman, New York NY, Homemaker, $1,000

Terry O’Connor, Littleton CO, Arco, $500

John Palmer, Jackson MS, MTEL, $1,000

Jordan Perlmutter, Denver CO, No occupation given, $300

Raymond Phipps, Grand Junction CO, Olympic Arms Rentals, $200

Keith Poole, Steamboat Springs CO, Colorado Well Service, $2,000

Marc Powell, Woody Creek CO, No occupation given, $2,000

Anthony Prinster, Grand Junction CO, City Market, $500

Paul Raether, Greenwich CT, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts &, $1,000

Christopher Rathje, Downers Grove IL, Student, $2,000

Katherine Rathje, Downers Grove IL, Homemaker, $2,000

Kenneth Rathje, Downers Grove IL, City of Downer Grove, $2,000

Robert Rawlings, Pueblo CO, Pueblo Chieftain, $2,000

Tom Redmond, Chanhassen MN, Redmond Products Inc, $2,000

John Reed, Houston TX, Engineer, $1,300

Anthony Richards, Grand Junction CO, Physician, $300

Donald Ringsby, Denver CO, Ringsby Truckline, $500

Sue Anschutz Rodgers, Denver CO, The Anshutz Foundation, $2,000

Marcos Rodriguez, Irving TX, Investor, $2,000

Sonya Rodriguez, Irving TX, Investor, $2,000

Joseph Rogers, Alpharetta GA, Waffle House, $2,000

Steven Rosdal, Englewood CO, Hyde Park Jewlers, $500

Edward Roski, City of Industry CA, Majestic Realty, $1,000

Edwin Rosser, Englewood CO, United Guarantee, $200

Geno Saccomanno, Grand Junction CO, Physician, $500

Richard Schroder, Grand Junction CO, Rancher, $250

Donald Scott, Denver CO, Bartlit & Beck, $1,000

Sherry Shelton, Winter Park CO, Winter Park Ski Resort, $500

John Siegrist, Durango CO, Retired, $500

Peter Slone, Reston VA, Black Kelley and Scruggs, $500

Gary Snyder, Grand Junction CO, Physician, $2,000

Dale Spradley, Beulah CO, Spradley Motors, $250

James Spray, Arvada CO, The Loan Office, $200

Thelma Starner, Delta CO, Delta Sand and Gravel, $500

Patricia Tapper, Denver CO,, $N,o occupation given 1000

J C Thompson, Denver CO, Oil And Gas Exploration, $975

Larry Tice, Grand Junction CO, Physician, $2,000

Scott Tipton, Cortez CO, Mesa Verde Pottery, $500

Beth Toms, West Chicago IL, Student, $2,000

Brian Toms, West Chicago IL, Student, $2,000

Fred Toms, West Chicago IL, Unisys, $2,000

Michelle Toms, West Chicago IL, Student, $2,000

Charlotte Travis, Brighton CO, Homemaker, $2,000

Timothy Travis, Brighton CO, Eaton Metal Products, $2,000

Leslie Vollbracht, Denver CO, Homemaker, $2,000

William Vollbracht, Denver CO, Land Title Guarantee Comp, $2,000

Rex Walker, Boulder CO, Rancher, $500

Kenneth West, Pueblo CO, Houston Construction, $1,000

Sandy West, Pueblo CO, Homemaker, $1,000

Mahlon White, Pueblo CO, Minnequa Bank, $1,000

Robert Wilcox, Grand Junction CO, Westgate Inn, $500

Verne Willaman, Vail CO, Retired, $1,000

Carl Williams, Denver CO, Williams & Associates In, $2,000

W L Wilson, Grand Junction CO, Wilson And Associates, $500

Russell Withers, Mount Vernon IL, Withers Broadcasting Comp, $2,000

Steven Wood, Boca Raton FL, Retired, $1,000

Walter Young, Bloomfield Hills MI, Champion Enterprises Inc, $1,000