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In response to Leon Moyer

Letter from Slim Wolfe

Colorado Central – August 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine

To Colorado Central:

How can god’s way be best if we can’t agree on what god is?

Slim Wolf Comic

Chances are better then 99% that you live in a rectangular dwelling, but it’s plain to me god’s way is round: Why should I give up my direct experience of I-Am-that-I-am and substitute your vicarious God-is-a-book experience? How come there are so many different books and so many gods? Your book says the 2000 millennium will bring the world a false messiah. I say that false messiah is cyberspace and the Internet, so when you give your address as you identify yourself as a tool of the devil. You want a totalitarian state which you call god’s kingdom on earth but there are many who would call you a blasphemer for even using the name of god in print. You’re jealous of government or anyone else who doesn’t play by what you think are the rules.

There ought to be a place for people like you, but American democracy is not that place. You don’t want your fellow humans to band together in a system of mutual support (social security) unless they do it through the church which you think is the only one. Why don’t you complain about government subsidies to business? Why aren’t you preaching against two hundred thousand killed in Iraq by the United States government (among other terrorist groups) which falsely thinks it can play the role of god?

I, personally, have fallen through the cracks and have no dealings with social security. I hope I can earn my daily flour until the day I drop, but that may be unrealistic, and I don’t want to need any favors from the likes of you or your churchly charities. Your god is not the only god or the best god. Believing it is, you become full of the devil’s arrogance.

Well, there I go again. Martha doesn’t care for all this disparagement. Sorry. Maybe there’s a better way to counterbalance the disparaging bigotry expressed by Mr. Moyer in his letter, but as of today I haven’t hit on it.

Slim Wolfe

Villa Grove

(Slim Wolfe was saved by carnal acts and long hours mixing mortar in a wheelbarrow, somewhere between BV and Moffat and Trinidad. Too bad the rest of you suckers missed the boat!)