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How to eliminate trustfunders

Brief by Central Staff

Local politics – March 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

In recent weeks, we’ve heard a lot about those damned “trustfunders,” and most of the time the term is applied to people who wish it were true.

This inspires four observations:

1) The term “trustafarian,” which we first heard from a Durangutang, is more amusing, always a consideration when you’re engaged in name-calling instead of honest argument,

2) Some of the alleged “trustfunders” are people whom we know personally who work very hard for their livelihoods, rather than getting a check every month from a trust company, and…

3) Most of those who criticize trustfunders are Republicans, and their party supports “a repeal of the death tax.” It seems to us that if you want to eliminate trustfunders, you should support a 100% estate tax, rather than a repeal. After all, without inherited trust funds, there wouldn’t be any trustafarians.

4) To be fair, most of the people we know who are railing about yupscale swine are Democrats — who despise new 20,000 square foot homes and are appalled by such conspicuously vulgar consumption. But they sure do wish those yupscale swine would stick around a little more, hang out and buy some arts and crafts, check out the local reading material…