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Guffey gets a newspaper

Brief by Central Staff

Media – May 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

Growth in Greater Guffey

Since we are concerned with Central Colorado, we dare not neglect developments in Guffey, which is about as close to the center of our state as any place that has electricity and a post office.

Guffey, which sits in Park County about 30 miles southeast of Hartsel along Highway 9, has grown so much that its got its own newspaper now, the Greater Guffey Community News.

The first edition appeared on Sept. 27 of last year, and editor Helen Cahill says the News is thriving. It is “Published about 20 times a year,” an unusual frequency.

“We try to come out every two weeks, except when we don’t feel like working,” Cahill said, “and we figure that will work out to about 20 times a year.”

Subscriptions are $10 a year from Greater Guffey Community News, P.O. Box 263, Guffey CO 80820, and they answer the phone at 719-689-2407.

In other Guffey developments, the town is getting a new library building, with a site selected and preliminary plans approved, and three new enterprises have opened recently: a New Age therapist, a dog groomer, and a realty office (for some reason, we’re not surprised by that one).