Good job fighting city hall

Letter by Charles Bevier

Politics – June 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

Wringing it from local politics

Dear Mr. Quillen:

Ask anybody, I rarely fawn over fellow writers, reporters and journalists.

Perhaps it’s because, as Dr. Hunter S. Thompson once observed, old whores don’t do much giggling. I once labored for a series of unremarkable rural weeklies. So I’m constantly amazed at the depth of meaning, clarity and humor that you’re able to wring from the local political landscape.

They make me wish I could go back in time and do a much better job when I wrote for, say, the Northshore Citizen in Bothell, Washington. But soon I remember the horrendous pay that came with the job, so then I just sit down until the feeling passes.

But recent events in Salida have prompted me to finally write to you out of pure admiration. In short, you rock! Keep up the great work.

Charles Bevier Editor Building Systems Magazine Lakewood