February edition was easy to devour

Letter by Ray Dangel

Colorado Central – May 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

Easy to devour, with no indigestion

Ed and Martha:

Just wanted to say the February issue was great. I devoured every word and had no indigestion.

Special backpats to: Marcia’s SLV briefs (that poor coyote), Nancy Ward’s excellent and informative piece on the butterflies (I hope she talks other editors into reprints), Ed’s tale of the elements of publishing, and finally, Hal Walter’s tongue-clucking about flatlanders who move into Custer County unaware of what Nature plans for them.

Other good stuff, too, but the above were really great. Keep up the good work, guys.

Just when I get to thinking Colorado Central is as good as it gets, it gets better.

Ray Dangel Englewood