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Durango’s Strater Hotel had a 3-story indoor privy

Letter by Mary Jane Rust

Regional Lore – January 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

Three stories and indoors at the Strater in Durango


I just read my December copy of Colorado Central and enjoyed it thoroughly, as usual.

The review of The Two-Story Outhouse reminded me of my conversation with Rod Barker, owner/manager of the Strater Hotel in Durango. I was at the Strater working on my book, Historic Hotels of the Rocky Mountains.

In the early days, according to Rod, “Every room in the Strater had comfortable furnishings, a wood-burning stove, and a washstand. It also had a three-story indoor privy with strategically placed holes!”

Keep up the good work.

Mary Jane Rust

Manitou Springs

Editor’s Note: We have learned that even though Two-Story Outhouse was listed in the most recent edition of Books in Print, it is no longer in print. If anyone knows of a source, we’ll be glad to pass it on.