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Distinguished Contributors

Brief by Central Staff

Local authors – January 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

Distinguished Contributors

Two of our frequent contributors have attained certain distinctions in recent months.

Steve Voynick of Leadville was just named to the board of directors of the National Mining Museum and Hall of Fame there, and also received an honorary lifetime membership.

The honor came partly for the many articles he has written about the museum, and partly for his six books about minerals and mining.

Those books, in the view of the other directors anyway, portray mining in a favorable light to the general public.

We should note, though, that one of his first works, The Making of a Hard-Rock Miner, is back in print. It’s informative and readable, but to be honest, its descriptions of underground life, along with its discussion of how mining companies can cut corners, don’t exactly inspire you to rush off to board the nearest skip.

We were also going to mention that Clint Driscoll, a Buena Vista resident whose writing often appears in these pages, had been appointed to fill a vacancy on the town board of trustees.

But before we got around to it, the mayor resigned, and Driscoll, a retired Aurora fireman and former associate editor of the Chaffee County Times is now the mayor.

His rise in politics is impressive — already a mayor, and he hasn’t even had to endure an election.

Driscoll cautioned, though, that his tenure could be brief, given the eagerness Buena Vistans display for recall elections.

“I figure I’ll manage to stay in office at least until February,” he told us, “but I’m sure I’ll offend somebody soon, and the petitions will start circulating.”