Crestone Market, Local Beef

Colorado Central has readers! I’ve run into a few folks at Crestone Saturday Market who recognized my name from these pages, one who enjoyed the magazine on the internet while on assignment with the Peace Corps in Ukraine, another while off in rural Ohio, Also Julie Sullivan and George Whitten of San Juan Ranch here in Saguache. I wondered what sort of vitamins they take to give them the energy to run that operation.

The ranch has been in George’s family since the turn of the last century, but some years ago they made the transition to an organic, grass-fed cattle ranch, and their story was told in a book entitled “The Last Ranch.” They have put a lot of thought into rangeland management and husbandry, not to mention hard work. They take orders for shares which the buyers can keep in their freezer, as I understand it, and also retail from a tent at the Crestone Saturday Market, or phone 655-2003 or

Crestone Saturday Market has been drawing a good crowd this summer, with artisans selling soaps to tinctures to woodcraft plus a few vendors of salads, plants, baked goods and an assortment of irregular yard-sale-type items. Crestone is also a significant focus-point for alternative energy, alternative building, alternative medicine and healing, diverse religion, and dreadlocks. There are generally several organized events each summer such as the Energy Fair and the Alternative Homes Tour. A note of thanks also to Matie Bell Lakish and Chris Canaly who’ve got a grant to provide free well-water testing for valley residents through the SLV Ecosystem COuncil, or 589-1518.

Readers who may have had trouble getting through to the page on the website which I’ve listed on the Mad Hatter ad might have better luck this month, but I don’t guarantee it; computers tend to go haywire just at the thought of me.

Slim Wolfe

Villa Grove, CO