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Consolidated, but where?

Brief by Central Staff

Forest Service – May 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

BUENA VISTA — This could be the site for a new regional ranger station in the wake of consolidations in the U.S. Forest Service. Or it could be in Leadville, Salida, or Poncha Springs.

The Leadville and Salida ranger districts began to consolidate last year, and the administrative job is nearly done. Now it’s time to establish a headquarters for the new district.

District Ranger Charles Medina said he hasn’t given much thought to a site yet, but the decision is coming. He plans to bring in some objective outsiders, such as a ranger who’s been through this before, as well as an economist to consider the effect on communities.

This group would be in charge of gathering public input and recommending a new location. “We’ll do it with substantial public input, or we won’t do it,” Medina said. He’ll need to start soon, since he’d like to have a location by June.

Meanwhile, he’s staying busy coping with budget cuts. “Four years ago, the Salida district had more money than both districts have today.”