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Congrats and Kudos

Ed and Martha,

Congratulations on your 15-year run as owners and publishers of  Colorado Central, one of my favorite periodicals. Each month when it comes in the mail, it is like Christmas morning as a kid. I always look forward to diving in and discovering what new and interesting things I will learn about my neighbors and my home.
The fact that you were able to create this publication from scratch and successfully keep it afloat all these years is indeed a testament, not only to your long hours and hard work, but even more so to your journalistic acumen. I could not agree more with your original vision that central Colorado was (and still is) in need of a way to help define itself, something that might “stand up to the invasion of Generica” and help keep what’s great about our individual small communities and collective identity. There is no doubt that you have helped in that effort, and that is no small thing. Kudos to you both.
I hope that Colorado Central continues to have a long, healthy life.
Welcome, Mr. Rosso. And to him, I say, “I’ll keep sending you my rag if you keep sending me yours.”
Chris Dickey
Gunnison Country Times