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Changes on the High Plains

Letter from Harvey Gardiner

Colorado – December 2004 – Colorado Central Magazine


Enclosed is $20 for another year. In the October issue you ran the story “Colorado As It Used To Be?” by Allen Best. Part of the idea he communicated is that the high plains have changed very little.

My wife was born in Fort Morgan. Her grandfather operated a slaughter house. Her father and at least one of his brothers were in meat processing (butchers). She has many relatives in the Fort Morgan area now – some in business and some who used to be in trucking, hauling cattle.

Her aunt, who has lived in the same house in Fort Morgan for more than 50 years, recently told us that Fort Morgan is now 40% Hispanic. And meat processing is no longer the profession that it once was. So, the point of this note is that things do change on the High Plains and in ways that no one anticipated.


Harvey Gardiner