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‘Central Mountains’ are right where they should be

Brief by Ed Quillen

Media – April 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

The `Central Mountains’ Are Right Where They Should Be

If you watch the nightly news on Denver TV stations, you’ll see the weather forecast, where we’ve been wanting them to predict events like “snow in the central and southern mountains.”

But which mountains do they mean?

We called Larry Green at KCNC, Denver’s channel 4, and asked where we could find the “central mountains.”

“They’re pretty much where you are,” he said. “The Sawatch and Mosquito ranges are the central mountains.”

Think of I-70 and U.S. 50 as the dividing lines, he added. Anything south of U.S. 50 — Sangres and San Juans — is “southern mountains.” North of I-70 lie the “northern mountains,” and everything in between is “central mountains.”

It’s a sensible arrangement, and now we’re sure we’re in the way when he predicts snow for the “central and southern mountains.”