The Crash of 1943

Column by Hal Walter

Local history – May 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

If you ever hike up the North Taylor drainage in the Sangre de Cristo Range, you may find, hidden among the talus and buckbrush on the eastern flank of Rito Alto Peak, the remains of an airplane that collided with Earth back when my grandparents were buying equipment to fight World War II. The date was July 28, 1943.

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The state of eternal life

Brief by Ed Quillen

Colorado politics – May 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

And from the editors…

Right after he took office in 1975, Colorado Gov. Dick Lamm promised to “drive a silver stake” through a proposed metro-area highway.

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Why blame $6-an-hour people for the woes of the West?

Letter from Lisa Dolby

Rural life – May 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Quillen,

I was particularly infuriated by an article by Mary Chapman that appeared in your March issue of Colorado Central. She and the other soul-suckin’ capitalistic snobs like her are the very reason why federal lands should not be privatized. If these pseudo-environmentalists can’t sustain themselves on rural livelihoods in the manner in which they are accustomed, what are they doing here and why are they blaming people who make $6 – $8 an hour for their economic problems?

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The State of the Police

Article by Ray James

Local Law Enforcement – May 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Start talking these days with people in this region about cops and chances are good you’ll hear a “Used to be…,” such as, “Used to be you never heard sirens here, now ya hear them all the time.” or “Used to be the cops would take you home if you were too drunk to drive.” or “Used to be you’d never see a cop car on the street, now you see them all the time.”

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Conrad Nelson: Synthesis in Printmaking

Article by Clint Driscoll

Local Artists – May 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Walking into Conrad Nelson’s Buena Vista studio is like walking into a workshop whose owner has not quite decided what business to go into. Chainfalls, chop saws and mechanic’s tool chests sit next to etching presses, drawing tables, computers, and clotheslines of drying prints.

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River flow data now offered on-line

Brief by Jeff Keidel

Water – May 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Ranchers, farmers, floaters, and anglers can now access accurate and up-to-the-minute water information for the Arkansas and other river basins through two new Internet services.

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Nature Conservancy starts operating in San Luis Valley

Brief by Marcia Darnell

Environment – May 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

If they throw a reception, it’s official. Peter Coors, CEO of guess what company, was host to a buffet and speeches event in Alamosa on April 2 to announce the establishment of a Nature Conservancy program in the San Luis Valley.

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BV town government gets overhaul

Brief by Central Staff

Buena Vista politics – May 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Elsewhere in this edition, we have a long story on regional law enforcement.

In it, writer Ray James refers to Buena Vista Police Chief Dennis Upton and Town Clerk Julia Hupper.

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