Out here on the Information Cowpath

Column by Hal Walter

Communications – March 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

I was dragged kicking and screaming into the cyber age by magazine editors who wished me to deliver my articles to their e-mail addresses (among them, I hate to say, the honchos at this very publication).

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Owning the land doesn’t mean you own the water

Sidebar by Ed Quillen

Water – March 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

If you buy rural land, Colorado law won’t let you just drill a well and go about installing a shower and a garden. The water you use, even though it is pumped up from land you own, might be water that belongs to someone else.

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What to do when the well goes dry

Article by Rayna Bailey

Water – March 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dave Knight, owner of Young’s Drilling, peered into the six-inch-wide opening of our well, pushed his red baseball cap farther back on his head and pointed toward a patch of dirt about five feet away. “Toss your checkbook over there,” he said, “and we’ll start drilling again.”

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Say good-bye to good jobs if the rails go

Letter from Daniel Jennings

Transportation – March 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Editor:

As a resident of Central Colorado and the town of Fairplay, up here in the South Park where we lost our last railroad about sixty years ago, I read your article about a “rail trail” in the Arkansas Valley and became chilled to the bone.

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Two Years and Counting

Essay by Ed Quillen

Colorado Central – March 1996 – Colorado Central Magazin

Two years we’ve been at this, and it would be pleasant to announce that Colorado Central is progressing in accord with the business plan that our high-powered start-up consultant prepared in 1993.

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Racers venture to Arizona

Brief by Central Staff

Pack-burro racing – March 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Central Colorado may be the birthplace and spiritual center of the sport of pack-burro racing, but the southeastern Arizona town of Safford may soon be leading the way when it comes to staging one of these ærobic rodeos.

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