Plans for the corridor

Sidebar by Allen Best & Ed Quillen

Transportation – January 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Although it appears likely that the Southern Pacific’s Royal Gorge-Tennessee Pass corridor will continue to operate about the same way that it has for the past thirty years, there are still plenty of people with plans for the corridor.

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Heavy Metal Water

Article by Jeffrey Keidel

Environment – January 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Several state-run water-quality improvement projects, including one in Central Colorado, have come to a screeching halt because the federal Environmental Protection Agency has changed the rules.

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But what did they do besides flip charts?

Essay by Ellen Miller

Growth – January 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Everybody’s talking about the growth and development problem these days. Most of the talkers haven’t been here long enough to remember when, just a few years ago, mere survival was the issue. Mountain counties wanted growth, every county commissioner agreed, the governor weighed in, economic development councils were formed, and real-estate agents went berserk. Well, we got what we asked for.

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Things aren’t really that bad, are they?

Essay by Martha Quillen

Modern Life – January 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Soon we will enter the last half of the final decade of the twentieth century. Right now in the United States, overall crime rates are down. Murder rates are down. Accident rates are down. Unemployment is down. :ife expectancy in North America surpasses the biblical three score and ten. And technically, our country is not in a recession, a depression, or a war.

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Nice curmudgeon spin

Letter from Jack Slottag

Colorado Central – January 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

I finally got around to reading the November edition last night, starting at Martha’s terrific non-endorsing political piece at the front end. I read on and on to Ed’s really thorough appraisal of the Southern Pacific RR (the Minturn leg runs two miles below me) at the end.

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Where was the environment in the Climax Mine epic?

Letter from Maggie Houston-Smith

Mining – January 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Steve Voynick’s account of the Climax Molybdenum Mine [published in the November and December editions] sifted very lightly over the environmental destruction of molybdenum mining. He mentioned environmental concerns as Queen Victoria did sex — hoping no one would mention its existence. I was at the site some years ago and saw no evidence of environmental concerns.

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Imrie refuses to repent

Letter from Curtis Imrie

Politics – January 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

The past 45 years may ultimately be seen as a unique time in history. The world was polarized by superpower confrontations to an age of economic and political order, and it has been my privilege to watch this world unravel — although I’m not sure I can stand the steadily accelerating pace.

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Notes and Commentary for January 1995

Brief by Central Staff

Various – January 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Colorado risks ‘losing its soul’

DENVER — “Just as it is possible for a person to lose his or her soul through a lifetime of indifference, so Colorado can lose its distinctiveness, its soul, as a community by failing to pay attention to the changes now taking place …”

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