A Bit of Explanation

Sidebar by Jeanne Englert

Ute Language – August 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine


You may have seen some Ute words in print (they pop up in romances, histories, and Westerns), and the Ute words published here look rather exotic by comparison. That may be because the words you saw were from Northern Ute, which doesn’t use the same orthography (spelling and alphabet) as the Southern Ute discussed here.

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You can’t run and you can’t hide

Essay by Ed Quillen

Tourism – August 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

This past June was pretty dismal — literally so, because sunshine was a rare novelty, rather than a customary blessing. Looming dark clouds dropped moisture constantly in every known form: rain, sleet, hail, snow. Some streams jumped their banks, and if hot weather had arrived to dissolve the record snowpacks, we could have suffered some devastating floods.

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Big Diversion?

Brief by Central Staff

Water – August 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Until quite recently, we were under the impression that the Arkansas River was a tributary of the Mississippi, and that it thus generally flowed toward the rising sun, thereby placing it on the Eastern Slope of Colorado.

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Around Central Colorado

Brief by Central Staff

Regional Briefs – August 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

It Will Look Much Better Once The Drapes Are In

World-reknowned artist Christo has announced his plans to suspend nylon fabric over several miles of the Arkansas River between Cañon City and Salida.

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Explaining where you live

Essay by Lynda La Rocca

Mountain life – August 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

“Your roots are here,” my father always insisted, referring to the greater New York metropolitan area where I was born and raised. So when I yanked those roots out by the, uh, roots, and transplanted them to the distant dirt of Central Colorado, I disturbed the natural order of things.

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Translating Ute place names

Article by Jeanne Englert

Ute Language – August 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Editor’s Note: As this article will explain, the Southern Ute language, as currently written, employs many letters that are not in the standard computer character set. Until we can figure out how to display them in HTML (we used an equation editor when setting the article into type for the magazine), we present them here the way they would be if HTML had the characters.

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The Search for Mexican Spotted Owls moves to Colorado

Article by Chas S. Clifton

Wildlife – August 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

The fluffy young owl made its begging call, something between a rising whistle and a puppy’s whine. Its plumage was a combination of a hatchling’s down and more mature feathers — it could fly, but it was not likely to go far, and if it did fly, I could follow it on foot up the ravine through the gloomy, deep-forest light.

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