Bear Encounters

Article by Hal Walter

Wildlife – October 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

It was by no cosmic coincidence that I went to sleep reading The Grizzly Years by Doug Peacock and awoke to the sound of low growling. It was not a bear.

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A short history of Cottonwood Pass

Article by Ed Quillen

Cottonwood Pass – October 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

As the scars of old routes above timberline clearly demonstrate, 12,126-foot Cottonwood Pass has been in use for many years. Doubtless it was employed for centuries as an Indian trail, since the Utes enjoyed the hot springs on the east side and the hunting on the west side long before white settlement.

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The nature of the hunt

Article by Chas S. Clifton

Hunting – October 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Lit from behind by the rising sun, a big mule deer buck trots up one of Poverty Mountain’s shoulder ridges. When he stops, the sun transforms his breath into glowing fog. Braced against a boulder, I try to find him in the rifle scope, the optically focused sun exploding into my eye.

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Notes and Commentary for October 1994

Brief by Central Staff

Various – October 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Saving South Park

PARK COUNTY — Park County strikes us as a land divided. For one thing, it has two telephone area codes. For another, it serves as a bedroom community for three urban zones: Denver metro around Bailey and Summit resort around Fairplay, with some commuters venturing to Colorado Springs from the Lake George area.

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Do we really benefit from municipal rivalries?

Essay by Ed Quillen

Local government – October 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

For the past three years, I’ve been working off and on at a big project called Is Denver Necessary? It started as a long article in the May 3, 1993, edition of High Country News, and schedule permitting, it will conclude as a book published next year by University Press of Colorado.

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