Tunnel delays made DSP&P lose the race to Gunnison

Sidebar by Kym O’Connell-Todd

Transportation History – July 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Enthusiasm was high — the tension even greater — during the rail race of 1879.

Two narrow-gauge railroad companies, the Denver and Rio Grande (D&RG) Railroad and the Denver South Park and Pacific Railroad (DSP&P), fought neck to neck to reach the prosperous mining town of Gunnison first. Even though both companies faced the formidable Continental Divide, each chose to approach the engineering problem in radically different ways.

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West Portal of Alpine Tunnel getting a facelift

Article by Kym O’Connell-Todd

Transportation History – July 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

At a little more than 11,500 feet above the tides, a small wooden building leans into whistling tundra wind. Abandoned for many years and left as a makeshift home to marmots and other mountaintop squatters, the little depot still shares the snow-patched landscape with the remains of the colossal Alpine Tunnel project that began 115 years ago.

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Central Colorado’s only indigenous sport

Article by Hal Walter

Pack-Burro Racing – July 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Rain, sleet, and snow fell in sheets. Thunder rocked the talus roadbed of Mosquito Pass. Lightning blazed like God’s own black light. The fog-shrouded bolts painted the intensely gray scene with purple snowflakes against a sky darker than death itself. Darker than death itself.

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A Poet Talks Politics

Article by Marcia Darnell

Local Artist – July 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

There are no trees around Peggy Godfrey’s ranch house. No shrubs or flower beds adorn the wood-and-glass home. But what it lacks in foliage it makes up in fauna. Ewes and their lambs crowd the fence nearest the house, hoping for a glimpse of the woman who calls them “my babies.”

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Notes & Commentary for July 1994

Brief by Central Staff

Various – July 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Money laundering

SALIDA — The next time a student says that a dog ate his homework, elementary teacher Judy Boshinski should be sympathetic. Last April she cashed her paycheck, put the money in an envelope, and left it on a dresser in her Salida home.

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An Adventure on the Arkansas

Essay by T.L. Livermore

Recreation – July 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

My first foray into rafting took place on the Arkansas, in Brown’s Canyon, in an Achilles owned by a friend who insisted it would be fun. He promised to show me holes, places where the river turns back on itself.

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