BV’s Barb Dolan wins another triple crown

Brief by Central Staff

Burro Racing – September 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

BV’s Barb Dolan wins another Triple Crown in ’99 burro races

Barb Dolan of Buena Vista continued her winning ways with another triple crown in this year’s pack-burro racing season. To gain that trophy, she and her burro, Rocky Top Chug, came in first in the women’s division of the Fairplay, Leadville, and Buena Vista burro races.

The big three men’s races went to three different winners.

Rob Pedretti of Cañon City, running with Zapata, took the World’s Championship Race at Fairplay Burro Days on July 24. The 29-mile course goes to the top of 13,188-foot Mosquito Pass and back down, and it was Pedretti’s first victory.

They hit the finish line at 4:50:13, only one second ahead of Hal Walter (also a Colorado Central columnist) and Spike, both of rural Westcliffe. Third place went to Curtis Imrie of Buena Vista, running with Oscar L. Democrat.

Tom Sobol and Bullwinkle won the Leadville International Championship during Boom Days on August 8, up and down the west side of Mosquito Pass in 2:51. Imrie placed second, while Walter and Pedretti tied for third.

They finished close again — a second apart — at the Triple Crown Race at Buena Vista Gold Rush Days on Aug. 14. This time around, Walter’s Spike put his nose across the finish line first to get the win.

Barb Dolan was third across the line, followed by Imrie, and then Barb’s sister and competitor, Nancy.