Build the new Bronco stadium in Leadville, not Minturn

Letter from Roger Williams

April, 1997, edition – May 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

Build the new Bronco stadium, not in Minturn, but Leadville Editors:

I wouldn’t have managed without your April issue; it was a howler. Split my ribs. I wish to comment on the following:

Page 7: Put that new Broncos’ stadium in Leadville. It’s right over the hill from Minturn, which Allen Best suggested; and at elevation 10,152 feet above mean sea level, you could just about call it Two Mile High Stadium. What’s more you could keep that Royal Gorge-Tennessee Pass rail line open to haul fans up there–not to mention skiers to Minturn then connecting coaches to Vail.

(On that issue, how do you get between them on foot or bike without venturing onto forbidden I-70, which fills the whole valley at the junction?)

Page 9: Hmmm, do elk go on and turn into mountain goats at 12,000 feet? Boulder’s above 4,700 feet. So we should get elk, not deer (Boulder’s most numerous residents except squirrels) here. Oh–Clay Warren’s not sure Yale even plays football.

Try again: I guess nobody out here’s heard of The Game except members of the two college’s clubs.

The Harvard-Yale Game, that is, played Saturday before every Thanksgiving (maybe it’s the one after), in Harvard Stadium or Yale Bowl alternate years. The Rocky Mountain Harvard University Club usually has a party to watch it in the Brooklyn Pub under Colfax. Of course, out here The Game is CU-Nebraska.

I also loved that picture of a burro at the National Western Stock Show & Rodeo on page 6–reminds me of a few people I used to know, or endure.

Roger Williams,

subscriber, Boulder.

(A.B., Harvardianæ, 1963; MSEE, CU, 1990).