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Blame it on the phone company

Letter from Lisa Dolby

Communications – November 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Blame it on the Phone Company


I can tell right now, this whole thing involving U.S. West [its less-than-stellar service in the hinterlands] is just another right-wing corporate scheme. First, U.S. West is succeeding in undermining rural telecommunications competition by holding out on installing lines in rural areas while they are still rural areas.

Second, the plan is to hound the citizens in rural areas into caving in to real estate development and urbanization. Then, you can bet U.S. West won’t waste two seconds trying to horn in on the competition.

Third, there is probably some sort of federal subsidy sponsored by right-wing politicians lurking somewhere in the works that will probably be dished out to U.S. West along with real estate development tycoons, and it will probably include a private takeover of the rural postal service, etc.

If everyone just sits around and lets it happen, Salida will one day become just another ‘burb among many on one continuous metropolis sprawling from the Springs, Pueblo, and CaƱon City all the way to Buena Vista, and it will probably include the San Luis Valley.

Beginning with the national S&L scandal, the plan all along has been to siphon the wealth from the rural areas and freeze out rural citizens. I believe this is what Whitewater was really all about. I believe the Clintons really were the victims, and the real culprits are wealthy Republican snakes in the grass where best interests are not to keep the rural area rural. Who wants to make a bet that if a Republican became president, the Keating five would end up with a presidential pardon?

I believe the Republicans are playing dirty, rotten, stinking, underhanded pool, and it isn’t at all in the best interests of the average Joe American. In the meantime, Republicans are appearing to be oh, so family friendly by pushing tax breaks for families with children. Those breaks would make terrific investment capital for some stock market scheme. But of course, only for those already riding on the inside wealthy Republican track.

Lisa Dolby Poncha Springs