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Bjünites will get new mayor

Brief by Central Staff

Local politics – April 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

Bjünites will get new mayor

Clint Driscoll’s name should be a familiar one to our readers — in past years, he’s written several articles for us, and he currently writes the On Mountain Time comic strip, which is drawn by Lara Ravenwood.

He has also served as mayor of Buena Vista for the past couple of years — first he was appointed to a seat on the town’s board of trustees, and then elected mayor by the board. And when most of that board was recalled for upholding the town administrator’s firing of the police chief, Driscoll stayed in office.

But he’s not running for another term as Bjüni’s mayor this year. Here’s his official statement:

“Just to let you know, I have decided not to seek a second term as mayor of Bjüni. Last summer at a regional conference (Regional Conference: a place to listen to other politicians rave on while drinking special-interest booze), a politician told me that I had either ‘the patience of Job or the brains of an ass.’

“I think the past two years have shown I have the patience of the average person. I don’t want to spend another two years proving the other hypothesis.”

As former burro owners, we think asses are fairly intelligent. Donkeys are especially smart about avoiding troublesome situations, and so we have to take issue with the ‘brains of an ass’ statement. Someone with the ‘brains of an ass’ would likely stay out of local politics altogether.

At any rate, Clint said he’ll now be free to write more for us, and so Bjüni’s loss should be a gain for us and our readers.