Barbara Dolan wins triple crown

Brief by Central Staff

Pack-Burro Racing – December 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

Barbara Dolan wins the Triple Crown of Pack-Burro Racing

Barbara Dolan of Buena Vista won the Triple Crown award from the Colorado Pack-Burro Racing Association at the group’s annual Burro Banquet on October 10 at the Fairplay Hotel.

She got the honor for finishing first in the women’s category in the three major races: Fairplay, Leadville, and Buena Vista. Dolan was also named the female Racer of the Year.

Hal Walter of Westcliffe (and a Colorado Central columnist) was named male Racer of the Year, and his donkey, Spike, won some treats and the honor of Burro of the Year.

Other awards, their winners, and their prizes:

Horizon Award, Rob Pedretti, trophy.

Purple Heart Award, Curtis Imrie, first-aid kit.

Trainer of the Year, Terry Hull, lead rope.

Groupies of the year, Don Mann and Lori TenEyck, certificates and foot lotion.

Appreciated Race Directors, Ralph Herzog, Barbara Berge, John Ozzello, Barb Dolan, Sean Herrin, Melissa Clarkson, certificates.

Quarter-Century Award, Curtis Imrie, belt buckle.

Volunteers of the Year, Neal and Dolores Hart, and ham-radio operators, certificates.

Iron Burroman, Bill Lee, Terry Hull, Curtis Imrie, Barbara Dolan, Hal Walter, Dave TenEyck, certificates.

Father Time Award, Jim Feistner, certificate and watch.