Radio Revolution: Part One

ON FEBRUARY 1, 2003, KHEN 106.9 broadcast on-air for the first time. This moment represented years of hard work for volunteers of the Salida-based radio station. The task required both the construction of a physical space and the navigation of licensing logistics with the Federal Communications Commission. However, while KHEN might hold the honor of …

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All Bodies on Bikes: rediscovering joyful movement

“As humans, our bodies are meant to move, we’re not meant to be sedentary. But it also doesn’t matter what size you are — everybody is meant to move,” Marley Blonsky, All Bodies on Bikes KATE MADDEN IS AN ATHLETE. This statement might not seem revolutionary, but rediscovering this truth has changed the way she …

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High Desert Magic: Hooper Pool

Colorado Central Hooper Pool

AT FIRST GLANCE, the landscape around Highway 17 through the San Luis Valley might appear incapable of hiding anything. The earth spreads wide, splayed out below 14,000-foot peaks and an impossibly open sky. But off toward the Great Sand Dunes an oasis hides in a stand of tall, skinny trees. Finding this gem on accident …

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