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Auld Lang Syne

Ed and Martha,

Gee whiz, I read my new issue today, most of it, and there’s your announcement.
I am really sorry you are done with this, but I sure don’t blame you one bit and I’m happy you have a good guy as new owner. I hope he doesn’t change stuff too extremely, or at least will do in stages so all us readers don’t suffer withdrawal symptoms.
Even when we disagreed I’ve been glad you did this mag. I got to read it first because it’s my subscription, but then Louie wanted it, and friend Patti, and then when sister Ginge was here (at the GL place) visiting, she’d want it, so I’d have to pass it around or have annoyed others to deal with.
You were entirely correct that this region needed its own mag to help its identity, and thanks for stepping up and doing it, especially with your humor.
I still recall with grins when you’d come to Country Printer and try to peddle ads from Cliff, when we had hardly a damn dime. That was the place mid-Granby that we rented first. You guys would enter into the most hilarious verbal B.S., and usually he’d give in, too, and we’d scrape together $ for Kremmling ads. Do you know that was 1976? EEK. That’s 33 years ago by my count. One of your daughters had only just got born.
Will you still do the Post? I hope so.
As for here, same old, I’m chairing Realtor’s water subcommittee again, lots of hours but sure interesting. Business isn’t lovely but I manage.
Tom Massey closed all his offices in mid-Dec., which I expect you know, real estate tanked and he’s doing awfully well at legislature. I wish he’d get his film bill done, but all think tax credits are lost income–as if there were any for CO films. I left his office in July or August (sensing the end), we stay friendly.
I know I be rather invisible, but hope we can stay in touch as you relax a bit and do other things. You’ve earned some free time, kids.
Best to you both,
Margy Robertson
Monte Vista