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At least it wasn’t one of our towns

Brief by Central Staff

Politics – November 2008 – Colorado Central Magazine

Public meetings in Central Colorado can get rather lively, but we haven’t heard of anything recently that would match a town meeting in Eads, which sits out on the plains east of Pueblo.

At a Sept. 18 meeting of the small town’s trustees, they were discussing the hiring of an attorney for the town. Mayor Cardon Berry got into a heated discussion with Trustee Darrell Koch, and it reached the point where bystanders had to separate them before sheriff’s deputies arrived.

No charges have been filed.

Kiowa County has a public information officer, Chris Sorenson, who said “Our board and residents are willing to be passionate about presenting their thoughts, and this situation escalated a bit too much.”

Our Ed Quillen recalls a short meeting of the town planning board in Kremmling more than 30 years ago, which started with the board voting to dissolve itself and ended with the mayor under investigation for assault after he punched the board chairman as the meeting was breaking up.

No charges were filed in that one, either, but it was sure a lot more interesting than the usual meeting of a small-town planning board.