Articulating needless annoyances

Letter by Andy Burns

Colorado Central – June 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

Needless annoyances


I’ve been reading your essays. They get better. Tighter. More coherent. This last one was the best.

I feel cranky and eccentric because of the unending annoyances in this life that seem unnecessary. You really articulated them well this last time.

I’m certain a lot of people are affected by what affects me, but maybe without the over-sensitive irritability and frustration I feel.

I often wonder what other people go through when they’re shopping at Safeway and trying to figure out what price addresses which product while songs play just a bit too loud for mental mathematics. Songs with lyrics you’d rather never hear again. And the interruptions of sales pitches for certain items at reduced rates in aisle whatever.

Andy Burns

formerly of Salida