Answers, and no questions for a while

Brief by Central Staff

Colorado Lore – June 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

Answers, and no questions for a while

Our May quiz inspired absolutely no responses. And so, we’re taking a break from question construction.

But we will give you the answers — the idea was to guess the town from a published description.

1) “… The town consists principally of adobe and log buildings…”

Saguache, from Croffutt’s Grip-Sack Guide of Colorado, 1885.

2) “… the murderer was fined only five dollars…”

Cañon City, from The Upper Arkansas, by Virginia McConnell Simmons.

3) “… irritated the workers with regulations about smoking, talking, and loitering …”

Leadville, from Reader’s Digest Story of the Great American West.

4) “In 1874 Sylvester Richardson … had organized a town company….”

Gunnison, from A Colorado History by Ubbelohde, Benson, and Smith.

5) “The residents of Freshwater …”

Guffey, from Ghost Towns, Colorado Style, by Kenneth Jessen.

6) “… Space was more readily available at the many saloons …”

Rosita, from Colorado Ghost Towns and Mining Camps by Sandra Dallas.

7) “The boom town and its rustic suburbs were jammed into any available niche in the rugged terrain.”

Creede, from The San Luis Valley, by Virginia McConnell Simmons.

8) “Fire destroyed most of the town in 1882…. Little of the city was rebuilt.”

Poncha Springs, from Guide to the Colorado Ghost Towns and Mining Camps by Perry Eberhart.

9) “A small petroleum refinery and several small manufacturing firms are located there.”

Alamosa, from Colorado Year Book 1956-1958.

10) “… remarkable for fine, elaborately fronted double houses … and small apartment buildings with Neo-Romanesque detailing.”

Salida, from Buildings of Colorado by Thomas J. Noel.