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Another magazine for the geographically challenged

Brief by Central Staff

Media – September 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

Another magazine for the geographically challenged

Newsweek devoted the cover and several pages of its July 27 edition to the worldwide spread of American tourism and the difficulty in finding a place that doesn’t yet boast a Hard Rock CafĂ©.

But the feature did mention seven places that weren’t all that crowded or connected, among them the Nada Monastery near Crestone where “there isn’t a ski lift for a hundred miles, and the nearest espresso is 50 miles off.”

As we read the map, the Monarch Ski & Snowboard Area is only 65 miles from Crestone, and the last we heard, its lifts were still in place. As for espresso, we don’t know of any outlets now operating in Crestone, but Saguache Gallery & Espresso operates about 30 miles away in the county seat.

And as long as we’re sneaking in names of our advertisers, we’ll point out that the “16 austere but serviceable hermitages” at Nada were built by Cut No Slak Construction of Salida.

Newsweek correspondent An drew Murr concluded that “Invariably, visitors leave more tranquil and content than when they arrive.”

As we recall, that’s not how the contractor felt at the end of a day’s work of clearing sand out of the way, only to have it blow back in before morning.